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Train With Me

If you are serious about improving your health, getting in shape or losing weight then

train with me ... Ruthie Lucchesi ... in person, online, or by phone. You will get the body you

always wanted but thought you could not achieve.


Online Coaching



* Individualized workouts based on your fitness levels, goals, schedule and available equipment. Each exercise routine is designed with you in mind by a highly qualifed online personal fitness trainer.

*Comunication is done via email, webcam or telephone. Having a webcam lets you bring a watchful eye of a trainer to your home.

* Guidance on nutrition and diet: You do not need to hire expensive nutritionist.

* Descriptive images clearly demonstate exercises. You will see exactly how each exercise is performed. Or if you have a webcam I will show you each exercise personally.

* Calendars that plan out your weekly workouts: Everything is organized for you. The exercise routine are laid out every month so that you know exactly what exercise routines to follow.

* Email access to qualified online personal trainer and fitness coach: It is like having an access to a fitness expert 24 hours a day.

* Motivational support: Now you can have your own personal trainer, motivator, and coach on your side.


In Person Training


Training for General Fitness & Health:

Personal Training is for you. You are unique. Your body, your goals, your lifestyle – all unique and your exercise program - whatever your goal is – ought to be too.

You benefit from the undivided attention of your trainer at every turn. All assessments, analyses, guidance and program are for you and you alone. After all, we all know that there is no such thing as "one size fits all".